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Every project needs a champion

Superior Business Center
Superior, Wisconsin

The Superior Business Center (SBC), a business incubation facility and program is the result of a one-of-a-kind partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Superior and the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. 

  Launched in January 1989, these two educational institutions combined staffing and operational resources first, to explore the feasibility of establishing an incubation program and second, to implement the program. 

 Originally located on the UWS campus, the SBC became a nonprofit entity and expanded in 1997 into a 45,000 square foot facility in North Superior. The expansion included a shared-use, licensed commercial kitchen to facilitate the startup and growth of food production businesses.   Over 20 years later, the kitchen and SBC provide significant support to our entrepreneurs.

Heidi is a visionary leader, advocate and manager

Heidi Timm-Bijold with Chef Arlene Coco in the licensed commercial kitchen
at the Superior Business Center

Heidi Timm-Bijold is truly a visionary leader. In 1989, she advocated for and managed the creation of the commercial kitchen at the Superior Business Center. Today, dozens of entrepreneurs are running their catering and food businesses with SBC’s licensed, shared-used kitchen as home base.

Chef Arlene Coco

Private Cooking Classes

Team-Building Events

ServSafe Food Safety Training

Elizabeth Spehar, owner, The Snooty Fox Tea Shop

Heidi coached me through
setting up my first business

As a first-time entrepreneur in the early stages of forming my business, I had an abundance of enthusiasm, ambition, and dreams, but was bumping up against the limits of my own knowledge and experience. At that critical juncture, a friend suggested reaching out to Heidi because she was both an expert on and advocate for local business development—she was the person to talk to. Heidi got back to me swiftly and that first meeting was a turning point.

   Heidi took my dream seriously in a way that few previously had by helping me identify my next steps and pointing me to resources that would help me take them. Heidi was extremely generous with her time, expertise and connections, and I left that first meeting with a sense of clarity and confidence.

   Heidi possesses a unique command and understanding of the key factors that go into creating a successful venture: people, resources, and process. She has achieved this command through decades of experience, an insatiable sense of curiosity, reliable competence in her field, and--most significantly--how she values and builds relationships in her community.

Ellizabeth Spehar, Owner

The Snooty Fox Tea Shop

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