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Clyde Iron Works
Alex Giuliani, Developer
Award-winning transformation

Clyde Iron Works is an award-winning redevelopment project that transformed an idle steel foundry into one of Duluth’s premier entertainment venues and busy community facility. Today, the building houses the Clyde Iron Restaurant and entertainment/meeting venue, Essentia Duluth Heritage Sports Center, Boys and Girls Club and the Duluth Children’s Museum.

  The original Clyde Iron Works was a steel foundry and manufacturer of heavy machinery. It was instrumental in completing well-known projects such as the Panama Canal, Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge. Clyde was also recognized for its contributions to the war effort during World Wars I and II.  

  Due to changes in the steel industry and manufacturing demands, the plant was mothballed in 1986. But in 2003, Alessandro (Alex) Giuliani purchased the 10.2 acre site with a vision to revitalize it. The Clyde Iron Works redevelopment project became a unique partnership between the owner, the City of Duluth and the EPA. The significance of this accomplishment has been recognized by several bodies, most notably the Economic Development Assn. of Minnesota and  Minnesota Brownfields.

Don Ness
Executive Director, Ordean Foundation

Heidi is a passionate project champion with a powerful set of skills 

Every successful project needs a champion, a go-to person you can always count on, and I don't anyone who is a more passionate project champion than Heidi Timm-Bijold.

    During my eight years as Duluth’s Mayor, Heidi and I worked together on a number of high-priority, high-profile projects for the City of Duluth in her management role in the city's Business Development Department.

    For one such project, the St. Louis River Corridor Project, we brought over 70 stakeholders together to develop a comprehensive vision for the area. The subsequent reclamation and redevelopment over ten years was, in large part, due to Heidi’s powerful skill set. She is strategic, diligent, passionate and—especially important to that large stakeholder group—is excellent at developing and managing the many relationships necessary for a successful outcome.

   Particularly, Heidi excels in what is often called "spade work", the difficult and often arduous work that is critical to a project's success. Her ability to manage behind-the-scenes logistics was proven time and again, especially during the challenging early phases of a project, while her passion and enthusiasm drove a growing sense of momentum.

Don Ness

Former Mayor, City of Duluth 2008-2016

Executive Director, Ordean Foundation

Heidi keeps projects on course

Heidi's dedication to community revitalization is evident through her passion, her fearlessness, and her ability to drive to long-term success while keeping projects moving forward. One example: while I was the Executive Director of Minnesota Brownfields, Heidi was a board member and key to bringing a research project to fruition, from the conceptual stage to involving outside groups and funding partners, developing methodology and case studies and steering the project to implementation. Her communication and convening skills are outstanding, and she brings a commitment to excellence to everything she does.

Martha Faust

Redevelopment Manager, Ramsey County

Former Executive Director, Minnesota Brownfields

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