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Indispensible partner to developers with complex, high-profile projects

Pier B Resort Hotel
Sandy Hoff & Alex Giuliani, Developers

Heidi Timm-Bijold with developers Sandy Hoff and Alex Giuliani at Pier B Resort Hotel grand opening

Rated as “Excellent” by Trip Advisor, the Pier B Resort Hotel provides a one-of-a-kind Duluth, MN experience. Located along the waterfront on a former industrial brownfield site, Pier B offers amenities that include the Silos restaurant, turn-down service by Tuck the resident dog, a private slip where you can learn to kayak (or dock your Great Lakes-worthy vessel), a year-round hot tub along the water’s edge and cozy firepits where guests enjoy complimentary s'mores every evening.

   Pier B is the result of extraordinary vision and tenacity by its developers, and of a heralded public-private partnership that balanced the unique demands of environmental remediation of both the land and within the slip; of regulatory agencies governing public waters, habitat and historic preservation; of a shallow water table that resulted in utility installation done by divers; and of a cautious financing environment due to the lingering effects of the recession. Persistence prevailed, and Pier B Resort Hotel and Silos restaurant opened in June 2016; several months later, it was recognized by Minnesota Brownfields with the ReScape Environmental Impact award.

Joe Dufficy (left) with Heidi at ReScape Awards.

Heidi put Duluth on EPA's map

I’ve known and worked with Heidi for nearly 15 yrs. While at EPA, I saw her parlay $1.4 million in EPA grant funding into $100 million in leveraged redevelopment activity for the City of Duluth. This is an outstanding accomplishment.

    Heidi did this by advocating strongly for the City and by forming effective and lasting partnerships with the entire redevelopment community of the Duluth region—both private and public. Heidi’s advocacy and partnerships allowed Duluth to position highly competitive EPA dollars to where they would be most effective.

    Successes such as the Clyde Iron Works and Pier B Resort Hotel redevelopments reinforce the sustaining nature of the partnerships Heidi formed at the City. These same types of partnerships also directly led to Duluth’s receipt of nearly a dozen EPA grants over the years—no small accomplishment for a city of Duluth’s size.

Joe Dufficy, Retired
Community and Land Revitalization Program Manager
US EPA, Region 5

Persistence and determination gets it done

I have known and worked with Heidi Timm-Bijold for nearly a decade. Initially, I worked for Heidi at the City of Duluth, managing multiple grants for civil engineering and construction projects that often involved complicated issues of soil contamination and reuse.

     Heidi is second to none in her dogged determination to get projects done on time and on budget. Nobody--nobody--is a champion for a project like Heidi. She will come to understand every angle of a project so that every dollar is accounted for and every hour of labor is allocated efficiently. If you want your project to get done, hire Heidi!

Ross Lovely

Project Manager (former)

Commonwealth Economics

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