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Funding acquisition for public-private partnerships

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Greg Benson, Dave Benson, 
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Heidi helps businesses grow on reclaimed land

It stands to reason that a manufacturing company that makes innovative products from recycled materials would embrace the possibilities of building on contaminated land.

  When the owners of Epicurean and Loll planned to expand in the early 2000s, staff at the City of Duluth identified a suitable site in West Duluth. Thereafter, Heidi helped them understand the benefits and challenges of a site cleanup. Ready for the challenge, the owners partnered with Barr Engineering and Salmela Architect to reimagine the site and with the City of Duluth to oversee the cleanup and acquire state grant funding.

  The result? What was once an eyesore and an environmental disaster was transformed into a stunning building filled with the hum of busy employees and machinery. It is now a proud part of the landscape, enhancing a nearby residential neighborhood, a city rock climbing park and a commercial rail line.

  And that was just the beginning. Their second building was also a diamond in the rough and Heidi provided technical assistance for the cleanup. Today, Epicurean and Loll Designs occupy four buildings and 200,000 square feet in the Twin Ports—and they employ 120 people.

  This is a perfect marriage of smart business and environmental responsi-bility that benefits the company, our City’s economy and all who live here.

Our area has benefited from millions in
project funding
due to Heidi's skills

Heidi brings a unique combination of skillful communications, working knowledge and a solid network of professional resources to projects. Our region has benefited from millions of dollars in needed project funding because of her leadership and determination.

Brian Hanson

President, APEX Area Partnership
,for Economic Expansion

Former Business Development Director

City of Duluth

Heidi Timm-Bijold with CEO Greg Benson of Loll Designs

Heidi has all of the connections

Heidi was always one of my first calls regarding a property. She already knew the obstacles and how to get over them with every property we considered. I think people would tend to steer away from contaminated sites, but with Heidi’s experience and assistance we knew they actually held opportunities other sites didn't have.

   Heidi connected us with the best people and firms to get this handled. She had all the connections. She also helped us apply for grant funds which was a deal maker.

  Heidi has capabilities in communication ability, project management, funding acquisition and management. What's more, she has a fantastically positive attitude and tireless drive that makes these projects fun!

Greg Benson

CEO Loll Designs

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