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HTB Project Navigation can ensure your project succeeds

Heidi Timm-Bijold wears many hats as an expert project manager—project champion, owner representative, communication hub, cat herder, indispensible partner. She’s a “specialized generalist”, another way to say she has deep experience in many areas of economic development and brings that knowledge, wisdom and heart to every project.

   Heidi's abilities allow developers, owner and entrepreneurs to hand off their complicated projects with confidence, knowing Heidi will advocate for them, their project and drive it through to completion.  

   What your project needs to succeed:

  • Project management expertise – Every project needs a champion to drive it from start-up to wrap-up. Heidi has proven herself time and again as an insightful team leader.

  • Financial resources – Heidi has extensive experience in complex project financing packages that leverage private financing with public financing tools. She is also a grant writer and funding professional and a trusted loan fund manager.

  • Essential connections – Heidi has built lasting relationships with colleagues at the EPA, DEED and MPCA as well as in the private sector.

  • Excellent communication – Heidi excels at being the communication hub and working closely with her project teams and groups of stakeholders, be they large or small.


It is most effective to bring Heidi in at the concepting and information-gathering stage, as she can offer important ideas, research and strategic thinking. But if you’re further down the road and realize running that project is not the best use of your time, call Heidi for a consultation.

Heidi Timm-Bijold

Certified Professional Project Manager (PMP)

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